WHAT MARKETERS SAY about donationmatch

The donation process is so much work for both ends and you have really simplified it.
— Becky, Sales Manager, Magic Mountain Fun Center
DonationMatch has been a tremendous help! I have been able to redirect my employees’ time into new outreach initiatives because we’re not getting bogged down with mailing out passes anymore.
— Zephyr, Group Sales Manager, 5 Wits
Having a platform like this definitely makes my job easier. The quality of events that I’m getting connected with is great, and the people I’m meeting are priceless.
— Sam, San Diego Community Manager, Uber
We absolutely LOVE DonationMatch!! They make giving so easy - we just click to donate! Before DonationMatch we were playing phone tag, looking up charity tax IDs, and using snail mail to donate. Cutting out that time and work has enabled us to donate more and in turn get Wine and Canvas visibility to 1000s of people monthly. Thank you, DonationMatch, for helping us give back!
— Mary, Franchisee, Wine and Canvas
DonationMatch helps us easily manage and turn our donation requests (and we get tons) into donated box subscriptions with a simple process. DonationMatch does it all, got us the right exposure, and helped us grow!
— Penny Bauder, Founder, Green Kid Crafts