$226,676 In Donations Processed Last Month


DonationMatch is a network of certified charitable companies and authenticated nonprofits, streamlining how donated goods and gift certificates become promoted prizes at charitable fundraising events. Join over 7,700 community leaders to SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, AND MAKE AN IMPACT TOGETHER.


FOR Marketers & Managers

Our turnkey system becomes your virtual assistant, taking tedious work off your hands and finding targetedopportunities. Simplified workflow and audience data make the most of limited community engagement resources so your company can grow more by giving,


Before DonationMatch we were playing phone tag, looking up charity tax IDs, and using snail mail to donate. Cutting out that time and work has enabled us to donate more and in turn get Wine & Canvas to thousands of people monthly.


Find donated prizes for fundraising auctions, raffles, gift bags in just clicks. With a single application, your IRS-recognized nonprofit (school, charity, or service group) can reach multiple companies open to supporting organizations like yours, all in the same place.


It’s [typically] uncomfortable to ask for donations. With your site, the fear of rejection or discomfort is gone! We require fewer volunteers to find items to auction and raffle this way.