$ In Donations Facilitated


Soliciting donations for special events is time-consuming for both recipient organizations and donor companies alike. DonationMatch is a matchmaking platform that efficiently streamlines how desired donated items reach target audiences so both sides win.

For business owners and marketers, making sure your community engagement and social responsibility are visible and relevant to your customers is increasingly important for business success. We help you keep customers happy and engaged to boost your reputation, attract new fans, and build lasting community relationships through community giving. Our all-in-one technology handles the most tedious parts of the process--vetting applicants, identifying where target customers are, tracking your decisions,… even fulfillment!--so you can achieve more brand awareness and ROI with as little effort and cost as possible. 

For schools and charities hosting special events, we provide "one-stop shop" access to donated goods from generous companies for silent auctions, raffles, and event giveaways. It takes just one “common application” to determine your eligibility for any donations in our network.

Seeking partners for monetary donations? The DonationMatch GiveBack Program helps nonprofits find restaurants and stores willing to donate a portion of sales back to them. Companies list opportunities for free, and we’ll promote your in-store and online fundraisers, deliver requests for engagement, automate reminders, and keep records automatically!

Before DonationMatch we were playing phone tag, looking up charity tax IDs, and using snail mail to donate. Cutting out that time and work has enabled us to donate more and in turn get Wine & Canvas to thousands of people monthly.
— Mary Gold, Franchisee, Wine & Canvas
It’s (typically) uncomfortable to ask for donations. With your site, the fear of rejection or discomfort is gone! We require fewer volunteers to find items to auction and raffle this way.
— Cyndy Martin, Treasurer & Walk Co-Chair, Scleroderma Foundation