Do you WORK WITH nonprofits? 


The DonationMatch community includes over 16,000 verified nonprofit fundraising decision-makers across the U.S. and Canada. To give them access to even more resources and assistance, we created the DonationMatch Nonprofit Resource Directory and our Promoted Partners Program to introduce complementary services that can drive our network's fundraising success.

If you provide services to nonprofits and would like to speak with us about becoming a resource and/or referral partner, please complete our partner application. We will follow up to get to know each other!

DonationMatch has been an incredible resource for our company. Working with them allows us to connect with nonprofit organizations that benefit from products that we donate, while at the same time providing us with the opportunity to showcase other products and services to our target audience.

The best thing about DonationMatch is that they are committed to providing excellent service and building long-term relationships with the companies and charities that they work with.
— Justin Dennis, President, DSC Consulting


We have a VERY limited number of promotional opportunities within our DonationMatch community. Contact us for more information about availability and how to reserve.


A dedicated email introducing you to our network (content by approval)

  • Typical uses: Invitations to webinars, conferences, or events; promotional offers; product announcements; sharing advice or blog post. 
  • Target recipients by location, nonprofit type, type/size of events held, and more
  • High average open rate of 25-30%
  • 6 months of Resource Directory listing with logo included ($158 value)
  • Follow-up email with minor changes within 30 days to same audience: 50% OFF 
  • Pricing: $200 CPM (2k minimum) or $2,000 to all fundraising leaders (15k+ subscriber base)
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  • Sharing of your article or a DonationMatch Q&A
  • Includes promotion through DonationMatch social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as appropriate)
  • May also include dedicated email promotion (priced above)
  • Pricing: Variable based on creation and promotion options; please inquire if interested


Our web-based "Nonprofit Resource Directory" is publicly available and promoted in-platform to our nonprofit users year-round as a source of solutions and support to fill their needs. We can help you reach decision-makers when they need your service the most.

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Company Listing with Logo:

  • Pricing: $199/year or $79/qtr (first category; each additional category 50% OFF)


(3 months minimum) Your banner on the menu bar of ALL nonprofit user accounts.

  • Resource Directory listing with logo included

Size: 150x150 px. You provide a jpg or png sized 300x300 px.


  • A (top) position: $350/mo
  • B (2nd) position: $300/mo
  • C (bottom) position: $250/mo


  • Contests and giveaways
  • Co-hosting of events (live or online) and webinars
  • Social media posts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
  • Shared Pinterest boards
  • Guest posts on the DonationMatch blog
  • Events With Benefits® Podcast interviews
  • DonationMatch affiliate program
  • ... and more. Let's get creative!



All partners are reviewed annually and will be approved based on:

  • Relevance to our users
  • Demonstrated industry leadership and growth
  • Customer reviews and reputation
  • Your social activity (web, social media, blog)
  • Effectiveness of our existing relationship


Preferred Partner status is reviewed on an annual basis. Minimum requirements are:

  • Licensed/certified or a minimum of 3 years in business
  • A minimum 4-star (or equivalent) rating in their field
  • Provide free education and/or resources to the DonationMatch network
  • Regularly refer new users to DonationMatch
  • Our participation in your referral program

Benefits reserved for Preferred Partners include:

  • One category company listing in our Resource Directory at no cost
  • Early access to cross-promotional opportunities

Apply to be a partner, then ask your DonationMatch partnership manager for Preferred status details today!