DonationMatch Brand Resources

Thank you for being part of DonationMatch! We’re thrilled you have joined our community. Approved partners are welcome to use this communications toolkit when sharing about DonationMatch.

Not an approved partner? Need something else? Contact us to request a partnership agreement, customized assets, or your own unique referral link.

*We kindly ask that all promotional materials that mention DonationMatch be reviewed by our team.





*Please do not alter the design of the logo in any way, such as separating the icon from the company name or combining it with another logo. You can change the color to only solid black or white.



Social Media Accounts

Our DonationMatch handle is @DonationMatch on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We encourage you to tag us when mentioning DonationMatch on these platforms.


Events With Benefits® Podcast on iTunes/Web:


Need items donated to your fundraising auction, raffle, or gift bags? Check out @DonationMatch, a self-service platform that gives nonprofits access to hundreds of products using a single application. Get started for free at [link to your own referral link].




About DonationMatch:

DonationMatch is a social enterprise that streamlines how vetted representatives of donor companies and nonprofit organizations connect through a self-service, online network. Since 2010, DonationMatch has facilitated in-kind contributions worth more than $40 million. Based in San Diego and founded by Renee Zau and Darryl Rettig, DonationMatch services over 10,000 fundraising events each year through the United States and Canada. Zau also co-hosts a podcast called Events with Benefits® which invites experts from different sectors of the nonprofit fundraising industry to share their unique perspectives. For more information, visit or follow DonationMatch on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @DonationMatch.



FOR DIRECTORY LISTINGS (Target Market nonprofits)

DonationMatch streamlines how nonprofit organizations qualify for corporate donations through a common application accepted by all participating companies in our network. Whether seeking in-kind donations for special events (auctions, raffles, and giveaways) or monetary giveback programs, it’s easy to see what you qualify for and send requests directly to decision-makers in clicks on DonationMatch. Since 2010, DonationMatch has facilitated in-kind contributions worth more than $40 million to over 25,000 fundraising events. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today!




Q: How are my referrals tracked?

DonationMatch tracks referrals by assigning each partner a unique code and link. Partners are welcome to share these on printed materials, by email, and on the internet. You are only eligible for commissions if you are the first referral code applied to a new account. If a user signs up through your referral link, the code will be automatically applied to the account. Otherwise, users will have to type in your code during registration.

Q: Are DonationMatch accounts that I manage personally also eligible for commission?

Professional event planners may use their own referral link when creating new accounts for clients. We recommend registering the account with a staff member's email address. You can add your contact information to the cc: line. This makes it easier for us to verify and approve the nonprofit profile. When the organization is no longer a client, you can remove your cc:. You will continue to receive commissions for any active accounts as long as our partnership agreement is active.

Q: How often are commissions paid?

DonationMatch calculates and reports referral commissions quarterly. You will earn a percentage of any revenue we collect from referred accounts. Free accounts generate no commission. Commissions are paid within 30 days of the end of the quarter. (Last days of the quarter are March 31, June, 30, September 30, and December 31.) We will write a check to the payable name on your partnership agreement. Checks are sent to the company address in you DonationMatch account. For a report of the accounts you referred each quarter, send us a message.