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Approved partners are welcome to use these for sharing about DonationMatch in your own blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media. Contact us at if you need something customized or to request a partnership agreement and your own unique referral link.



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Need donated items for your fundraising auction, raffle, or gift bags? DonationMatch is a corporate donor network, making it easy for nonprofits to qualify and request their donations using a single, common application. Get started for free at [link to your own referral link]



Need donated items for your fundraising event’s auction, raffle, or gift bags? Check out @DonationMatch, a one-stop shop to reach companies who give. [your own referral link]






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Q: How are my referrals tracked?

Your referral code and/or link may be shared online, by email, through social media, in print, and any other means you communicate with clients and followers, personal or professional. You are eligible for commissions if yours is the first referral code applied to the account, which most commonly happens when someone uses your referral link or code when creating a new account, either by clickthrough or manual entry at registration.

Q: Are DonationMatch accounts that I manage personally also eligible for commission?

Professional event planners may use your own referral link when creating new nonprofit accounts on behalf of clients or organizations for which you are volunteering. To keep each separate from each other, we recommend registering with a nonprofit staff member's email address and cc’ing yourself to make it easier for us to verify and approve the profile. You may share login credentials to manage the account, then turn it over to the organization (and remove your cc:) when they are no longer a client. You will continue to be paid commissions for active accounts as long as your partnership agreement is active.

Q: How often are commissions paid?

Referral commissions are calculated and reported quarterly. You will earn a percentage of any revenue we collect from eligible accounts you refer, payable within 30 days of the last day of each quarter ( last days of each quarter are March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31). Free accounts generate no commission. Checks will automatically be sent, payable to the name you provided on your partnership agreement, and mailed to the company address in your DonationMatch account. If you would like a lead report outlining accounts you referred in a quarter, simply let us know at