About donationmatch

DonationMatch is an online network that enables nonprofits and companies to save time and effort achieving win-win results through in-kind donations to events and giveback programs. Our unique, two-sided solution and built-in tools are designed to maximize visibility, compliance, and community impact of philanthropic partnerships with minimal cost and effort.



Renee Zau
CEO & Co-founder

DonationMatch was created out of Renee's needs as both a fundraising auction chair and marketer. Her experience as a multi-unit franchisee launching five businesses, managing a regional marketing co-op, mentoring over 100 business owners, and working on over 50 charity events gave her insight into the challenges and frustrations faced by both sides of the in-kind marketing and donation process. Knowing there had to be a better and more efficient way to offer in-kind opportunities than forcing companies to deal with endless letters, phone calls, and emails, she partnered with Darryl to build DonationMatch and streamline win-win donation opportunities, enabling companies of all sizes to do well by visibly doing good.

Darryl Rettig
CTO & Co-founder

In his 20+ years in IT, Darryl has built more business intelligence systems than he can count, helping companies small and large with risk exposure, financial reporting, operational efficiencies, performance management, and even costume reservations. He believes that behind all the technology, there's a person with a real problem to solve, and it's his job to help get it done. He's often heard asking, "If you had a magic wand, how would you want this to work?" In leading our development and growth, Darryl's philosophy is simple: focus on the customer, and everyone wins.