'the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open' shortlist


Dear members and fans, DonationMatch made it to the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open shortlist!

What does this mean? The Sustainable Brands Conference, happening June 2-5, 2014 in San Diego, educates business leaders about how they can contribute to a more sustainable brand. It also promotes business solutions that can help companies play a more positive role in the lives of their stakeholders. We need the chance to share with their over 1000 attendees, including executives of many of the largest brands in the U.S., how our win-win platform streamlines putting product samples into the hands of event attendees, and that YOUR school and nonprofit events are the most effective targets for them, both socially and demographically.

We need your vote at sbio.co/vote before Friday, March 28th, 5 PM PST. Please help us continue to grow DonationMatch and attracting brands to your valuable audiences. Thank you SO much for your support!

Sustainable Brands