We guarantee that if you utilize the benefits provided and do not receive AT LEAST 3x the value of what you paid for your upgrade, we'll refund your money.

To qualify, simply:

  • Complete an event strategy call at least 30 days prior to your event

  • Request all appropriate items in your donation catalog

  • Accept suitable offers in a timely manner

If you feel you did not receive at least 3x what you paid for your upgrade in goods received, partner savings, tools, and expert advice combined, let us know below within 30 days AFTER your upgrade expiration, and we'll refund 100% of your upgrade fee paid.


Didn’t quite work out?

Thanks for being a part of the DonationMatch community and trying our upgrade. If you’re here, it seems that despite your best efforts and ours, the upgraded benefits did not produce the results we hoped and expected.


We are continuously growing and look forward to delivering better results next time. For now, simply complete the form below. Once we confirm your information, we’ll process your refund.

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